Licensed and Bonded
Pavilions and Shelters
Square ::
Perfect for community meetings and outdoor recreational activities, this pavilion covers a square area and is available
     in five sizes.

     Standard Square Sizes:
 12' x 12'
 16' x 16'
 20' x 20'
 28' x 28'
 36' x 36'

    Rectangular ::

The Rectangular Pavilion with its curved laminated beams, makes an attractive outdoor shelter ideal for parks,
    recreation centers, churches and schools.

    Standard Rectangular Sizes
     Width    Length
     16' x     20' 28' 36'
     20' x     20' 28' 36'
     24' x     28' 36' 44'
     30' x     36' 44' 52'
     40' x     52' 60' 68'
     50' x     68' 76' 84'
    *Custom Design Sizes Available

    Hexagonal ::

The Hexagonal Pavilion is a combination of beauty and strength with a structural design that eliminates the need for
     a center support column.
    Standard Hexagonal Shelter Sizes
    20', 25', 30', 35', 40', 45', 50'
    *Custom Design Sizes Available

When it's time for the golfers, hikers and picnickers to get in out of the sun or bad weather, DaFor's shelters have got you covered. Both Picnic Table Shelters and Trail Shelters are available in two sizes.

Standard Trail Shelter Sizes
Roof Size Bench Size
7' x 10' 8'
7' x 8' 6'

Standard Picnic Table Shelter Sizes
Roof Size Bench Size
10' x 8'
8' x 8' 6'

Optional configurations for both trail shelter and picnic shelter:

Laminated Wood Components :: Curved Beams, Columns, Ridge Beams and Purlins
Structural glued laminated wood components will conform to the AITC standard manufacturing requirements and certification, and are assembled using Southern Pine and wet-use adhesives. All laminated wood components come pre-cut and pre-drilled for immediate site assembly.

Fascia is #1 grade 2" x 6" pressure treated Southern Pine, to be cut on site.

Support Columns
Available in either pressure treated glulam columns, pressure treated Southern Pine solid timber columns or steel tube columns. Columns can be embedded in footings or surface mounted on steel base connector plates. All columns come pre-cut and pre-drilled for immediate site assembly.

Roof Deck
Pavilions and shelters both use 2", #1 grade Southern Pine single tongue and groove roof deck with V-joint bottom face, to be cut on site.

Roofing Materials
Roofing materials consist of class "A" fiberglass shingles with a 20 year warranty and 15lb. felt underlay, or optional 26 (or 29) guage metal roof panel system with 15lb. felt underlay. Color charts are available for shingles and metals roof panels.

All bolts are plated, and nails galvanized. Connector plates are galvanized or prime painted.

Exposed faces of glulam members will receive one coat of clear penetrating sealer. Staining of wood components including roof decking is available.

Framing Option
Both pavilions and shelters can be fabricated using 100% tube steel framing.

To be designed by local engineer familiar with specific site.